Try your BLT sandwiches here!

BLTs are of course the most delicious and famous sandwiches featuring bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. The United States is famous for several top sandwich chains offering fresh, healthy and tasty BLT sandwiches.

You ought to try the BLT sandwiches in the below mentioned restaurants. For sure, you’ll be going back to them again. 

Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones offers the Big Time BLT which is a ½ lb Swiss burger with peppered bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, red onion, pickles, garlic mayo and toasted bun.

The Big Time BLT costs $11.19 and the Big Time Angus BLT costs $12.99.

Besides BLTs, Smokey Bones has a lot of other famous items.

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Potbelly’s BLTA is the ultimate BLT sandwich of the renowned restaurant. This sandwich has Applewood smoked bacon, fresh-sliced avocado, mayo, lettuce, tomato and all served on perfectly toasted bread.

It costs between $10.49 to $12.99 based on the size. 

You can find a variety of other dishes in Potbelly in addition to their delicious sandwiches.

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Mendocino Farms

Mendocino Farms is well known for some of LA’s sandwiches. Their menu changes seasonally and there are a lot to taste.

The restaurant’s Steak BLT on Pretzel and Heirloom BLT have stolen the hearts of the majority of people in the country. 

The Heirloom BLT is very famous during the summer season. It features heirloom tomatoes, nitrate-free Applewood smoked bacon, habanero honey, Sir Kensington’s mayonnaise, and arugula on toasted rustic white.

It costs $13.72.

The Malted Barley

Mendocino Farms was established in Southern California in 2005 by Mario Del Pero and Ellen Chen, a husband and wife combination, and has now expanded to 38 locations throughout Texas and California.

The Malted Barley has BLT that features Bacon, lettuce, tomato, choice of aioli: garlic, pesto, or chipotle. It costs $11.00.

The mind blowing taste you’ll never find anywhere else. Besides BLT, Mendocino Farms has a broad selection of chef-driven, seasonally inspired sandwiches and salads prepared from premium, fresh ingredients that offers customers a satisfying eating experience. 

The Goodwich

Everything on The Goodwich menu tastes so delicious. Their sandwiches don’t disappoint anyone though they feature local ingredients.

The Goodwich offers “stacked-rite” sandwiches. This indicates that every effort is made to prevent them from crumbling apart as you eat them and to guarantee that you taste every ingredient. 

It’s one thing to think of a sandwich, but lunch doesn’t magically appear just because you put it on the menu. These sandwiches have been properly made.