Hi. I’m Laura, author of darkREDcrema.

I’ve always loved to cook, and I started this blog as an outlet for some of my kitchen endeavors, where you will often see a love for simple, natural, seasonal, and cherished recipes. Sometimes I also just write about life.

I live in Virginia with my husband and son where we enjoy gardening, traveling, tinkering in and around our old home, and of course, cooking and eating.

In case you were wondering… the name darkREDcrema comes from some of my favorite treats -dark chocolate, red wine, and espresso crema.

I love hearing and responding to your thoughts and questions in the comments section, so please let me know you are here! You can also reach me at: laura [at] darkREDcrema [dot] com

Much thanks to my husband, who scratch created this blog from the backend… xoxo, la

All photos, writing, and design are the work and property of Laura of darkREDcrema and may not be used without written permission. Ask me in an e-mail, and in most cases, I would be honored to have my work mentioned and credited – Thank you!